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Jayce Salloum

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Untitled Part 3:
Occupied Territories/Footnotes to a Book of Setbacks

(Jayce Salloum, 2005)


The South of Lebanon had recently been liberated, that 'war' was won (if a war could ever be), the aftermath being sorted out ... Demonstrations at the Southern border were taking place, symbolic stone throwing in support of the Palestinian resistance to the continued (58 year) occupation there. I was standing in the middle of the main street in Bourg Al Barajneh (a Palestinian refugee camp at the edge of Beirut) when the bodies of two recently murdered martyrs were being paraded in from these protests at the Southern border ... Wondering what I was doing there ... how could anything I do be meaningful in this situation, how could any representation re-represent the event, and my position there adequately ... of course none could, but I continue to film anyways, passersby responding to the camera as if ... as if it could complete their gestures and reach someone outside of this place, this street and these actions, so I film ... to figure it out later, not to recapitulate but to see in what context all of this could make some sense.