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Jackie Raynal

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The image I'm showing you comes from the film I'm shooting now. It's about my own family, un film de famille. It's a photo of a man (my uncle, Louis - Louisou) feeding his wild bulls in Camargue, where I was born and raised until I was fourteen. It's a metaphoric image for me, an image that symbolises the taste for freedom - since my uncle was not interested in raising his bulls for bullfighting. Actually, he loved to see his bulls running wild and free in the garrigue like they were supposed to be. My uncle's gesture shows how gentle he was with wild animals. It proves to me how you can tame the wild and the unknown by being soft, patient and gentle. For my new film, I'm working around several 'found images' like this one. It's a film about/around the memories of my family, about my father, a Resistance fighter and a committed communist; also about the freedom of my mother who didn't want to be married even though she was pregnant ... The film will include interviews of still-living witnesses who knew my parents. It's shot in digital and Super 8 mm (the beautiful pastel color of old Super 8 stock!!).