13 (2009)

Presented in conjunction with the
10th Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
(6-14 March 2009)

  Helen Bandis, Adrian Martin & Grant McDonald
Emptiness Forever: Le Départ
  Michael Walker
Summer with Annika: A Swedish Love Story
  Jean A. Gili
The Rejected: Suburbia
  Adrian Martin
Explosions: Sound and Fury
  Alain Philippon
Headlong: We Children of the Twentieth Century
  Julia Vassilieva
Plasticity and Precarity: Timeless, Bottomless Bad Movie
  Nicole Brenez
Teenage Hooker Turned Killing Machine in Daehakno
  Adrian Martin
World of Grey: All About Lily Chou-Chou
  Jenna Ng
Last Holiday: À tout de suite
  Adrian Martin
Ordinary Kids: Wassup Rockers
  Helen Bandis
Yesterday Girls: Prinzessin
  Alison Butler
Unfinished Diary Las Palmas '09
  Adrian Martin
Anna Faris, Serious Respect for the Unserious
  Zachary Campbell
For Anthony Stern, For Life
  Nicole Brenez
A Thousand and One Smithereens
  Yvette Bíró
Horror in Brasilia
  Jairo Ferreira
The Way of the Vampire
  Filipe Furtado
'You've Never Seen Anything Like This on Television!'
The Secret Life of Objects
  Mark Rappaport
Trade Market or Trademark?
  Lars Henrik Gass

In Memoriam: Raymonde Carasco 1933-2009


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