12 (2008)
Politique des archives
  Vinzenz Hediger
Interview with Jonas Mekas
  Stefan Grissemann
Interview with Péter Forgács
  André Habib
Harun Farocki's Images of the World
  Christopher Pavsek
Tanner Redux
  Jean-Pierre Coursodon
The Rhetoric of Fahrenheit 9/11
  Gilberto Perez
Mitchell Leisen
  Mark Rappaport
The Edge of Heaven
  Yvette Bíró
First on the Moon
  Julia Vassilieva
Scuppered: Of Fish and Film
  Alan Wright
Can Movies Think?
  Kent Jones
Dear Guido ...
  Juan Pablo Miranda


MANNY FARBER (1917 - 2008)

Critic Going Everywhere

Donald Phelps

Thinking About (Personal) History Lessons
Jonathan Rosenbaum

My Budd by Manny Farber
Bill Krohn

The Farber Machine
Patrick Amos and Jean-Pierre Gorin

The Qualities I Like: Impressions of Manny Farber
Adrian Martin

Seers for the Sleepless
Manny Farber


rouge press
Richard Misek The Third Man
Alain Masson Singin' in the Rain
13 (2009)
Adrian Martin Spione
Carlos Losilla An Affair to Remember
11 (2007)
Bandis, Martin, McDonald The Wayward Cloud
10 (2007) 
Nicole Brenez Body Snatchers
9 (2006) 
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